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MarcianaMarciana has been created in 35 a.c., during the Roman domination. Last hystory events, the various occupations, Longobardi, Saraceni, but also people from Pisa and Genova, Fortezza Pisanahave modeled the village as we can see it today:
built on a mountain which reaches the sea, protected by the ancient fort.
For many years the economy of Marciana was based on the fruits of the forests and wineyards, appreciated even in the Roman age and main reason of prosperity until last generations.

Leudo The old men in Marciana well remember the white cotton sails of the "leudi" and the long lines of asses loaded with goat-skins filled with wine, which from the nearby villages of Sant'Andrea, Pomonte and Chiessi were loaded with the precious product, obtaining the necessary sustain for their families.Leudo che attracca
In that place where you can smell the scent of the bush and of the chestnut-tree, but also of the sea, different experiences and cultures met each other and were mixed in an unique and original fashion.
In this way an ancient-flavour cooking style was originated, composed by fresh flavours of field grasses and by the love for simple and genuine things.