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Marciana Marciana is one of the oldest villages of the Elba island, and one of the richest of historical and archeological remembers. Marciana grew a lot during the Appiani domination, who selected it as their place. The whole village still today shows that medium-age imprinting, from the access doors to the narrow lanes with stone steps, always decorated with plants and flowers which the Marciana people grow on their terraces.

The village is located at the bottom of Monte Capanne, 350 mters above the sea level. Riccio di CastagnaHere flat ground, hill, mountain and sea create the natural contrasts of the Island. Inside the village you can find the Archeological Museum, the typical downtown, the "Fortezza pisana", the house of princes Appiani, together with the mint where they coined the coins, a small padronale church and the garden, San Niccolò church, "Casa Vada" (where Napoleon's mother lived during her stay at the "Santuario della Madonna del Monte") and San Lorenzo church, roman age, destroyed by Turkish people in 1554..

In order to reach our restaurant you can choose between two different paths: from "Fortezza pisana" walk along the starway located near the terrace until Via della Madonna, or from Piazza Umberto I go up following the indications for Fortezza Pisana: you will meet our Piercarlino, who will show you the restaurant main entrance.

The restaurant is composed by an internal dining room and by a panoramic terrace, surrounded by sweet-smelling flowers, oleandrum and a walnut tree, our Protector.

Our main feature, which let us become unique, is the development of relationships between Marciana and Liguria cooking styles.

Rita and Alberto suggest to book you anticipately to ensure the best service.


The restaurant is open daily from March, 20 to September 30. For booking and other information please dial ++39 - 0565 - 90.12.84 or info@osteriadelnoce.it



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